A brief history.....Who was Joseph Pilates?

Well in short, he was an absolute legend! Way ahead of his time in terms of mindful movement. He developed a series of exercises whilst a prisoner in World War I helping injured soldiers to move as best they could again, inventing equipment out of bed springs and using the six principles of concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing. He called his method Controlology. He was regarded as a Classical Pilates guru, I teach STOTT Contemporary Pilates which is an updated version using modern theories of exercise science using a further set of biomechanical principles, breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement and stabilization, head and cervical placement.



Hi, I've been teaching pilates since 2014 and am passionate about helping people reach there movement goals so they can get out and enjoy their activities to the fullest!

I came to pilates in my mid twenties after years working with horses and realising I was so stiff and thought that couldnt be normal for my age!! With my background as a BTEC Level 5 (2010) Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist, adding Pilates to the mix was an obvious choice.  Encouraging massage clients that they could help themselves by managing their own pain issues in most cases with Pilates was revelatory.

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Biomechanics Coach

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Im an active person! Horse riding, Sea Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Trail Running, those are my top activities. I wouldnt be able to do them all if it wasnt for Pilates helping me stay strong and supple. Not to mention the physical awareness that Pilates instills in you.

Pilates is truly 'mindful movement' and fully transferable to any sport with the potential to improve performance and keep you going at that sport for longer by keeping on top of issues before they arise.


Alot of my clients experience aches and pains from working positions. Whether on the move or stationary, bad habits develop subconsciously and faulty movement patterns become ingrained. Just by attending one Pilates class a week you can keep on top of many issues and become body aware enough to keep them at bay.

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